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If you are organising an event or know of something we should be publicising here on, please send details to


Along with the more obvious information (date, time, venue, name of event), please include pricing and contact/ticketing information, and a description of what makes the performer(s) or event special. We reserve the right to edit submissions.

In addition, if at all possible, please submit a digital image. The subject matter should be bold and if possible eyecatching. Small detail will not show on the site. (Image resolution should be 128x128 or higher). Please ensure you have permission to send this to us for inclusion on the site.

It would be most helpful to know whether children are welcome at the event, and any restrictions that might apply. Also it would be helpful to know about accessability.

Please also indicate which of the following categories the event falls into with regard to suitability for those who cannot follow Gaelic.

Note that we do not, in general, publicise events with no Gaelic-language content at all. If requested, we will be happy to assist you to introduce Gaelic content into your event at a level appropriate to your audience.