Family Regular Events

If, as a family, you are looking for enjoyable experiences that involve Gaelic in a relaxed environment heres the place. Most activities provide English translation or are mixed Gaelic and English, so everyone can follow.

Family Events and Activities

Group/Event Programme Venue/Contact
parents and children enjoying 
                      Saturday clubSaturday Family Club
Simple Gaelic activities for families.
Family activities, Gaelic creche, children's activities and parents' learning activities. Saturday mornings from 10 am. Supported by a grant from Brd na Gidhlig. Please get in touch or just come along (for dates see the events calendar). Tollcross Primary. Contact
Gaelic cilidh dancersComann nam Prant family social events
Year round events, including summer barbecue and annual parents v kids football contest in June, a Christmas party, and a cilidh in April for visting schools Contact
stained glass window at 
                      Gaelic family serviceComann nam Prant family celebration services
Currently Easter and Advent services are held. These take place on a Saturday morning. Augustine United Church, George IV bridge. Contact
fiddles designGrisg: Gillians parent/staff band
(u) (grown-ups only, but see children's listings for Gillian's high school band)
Rehearsals every fortnight on a Monday or Tuesday evening Tollcross Primary. Contact
PLU superfamilyParents Like Us
Annual festival for families with under-5s+
Each May. Huge festival with stalls and activities. Mostly for under-5s and parents, but there are are also things for kids up to 10. Quite a number of Gaelic-language, taster and promotional activities. Leith Links.
Family week learners in SkyeCLAD Family Learning Weeks
At the Gaelic college on Skye.
Generally either of the first two weeks in July. Morning and afternoon Gaelic classes for parents, and fun Gaelic indoor and outdoor activities for the kids. With a great social programme arranged. Sabhal Mr Ostaig, Skye
Callanish standing stonesCnaG Family Learning Weeks
Around the middle of the summer holidays to coincide with the local Fis where children take various activities while parents learn Gaelic. Isle of Lewis. Contact Comunn na Gidhlig

(u) universally accessible to all audiences, (st) simultaneous translation for Gaelic content, (g) some untranslated Gaelic content, (G) mainly or completely through Gaelic.